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Coffee and Conversation

July 16, 2015 cstanik

Ladies…please join us for a Coffee & Conversation at Panera Bread on Airport/Spring Meadows, Thursday, July 30 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.  Bring a friend!  If you are newer to Christian Fellowship, don’t be shy!  It’s casual and fun and a great way to meet other ladies!  For questions, see Judy Baker or Penny Goodman.




New Saturday Ladies’ Bible Study-Hosea

June 25, 2015 cstanik

Hosea Bible Study

When you’re looking for identity, God calls you His own.  When you feel enslaved, God frees you.  When you wander away, God brings you home.  NO matter where you are, God sees who you are and loves you faithfully.  His unfailing love changes everything.  This 8-week video study by Jennifer Rothschild will begin Saturday, July 11 from 10:00 am until 11:30 am at Christian Fellowship.  See Judy Baker if you are interested.




Celebration Sunday – July 5

June 18, 2015 cstanik

Celebration Sunday

On July 5, 2015 we will have a celebration and remembrance service.  This will be a time to share how we have seen God’s hand of blessing, mercy, comfort, provision and strength in our lives.  We will give praise and thanksgiving back to God for the myriad ways He cares for us especially through the church body.  There will also be lots of good music and a celebration of the Lord’s Supper.



New Sunday School Class

June 11, 2015 cstanik

Counter Culture

This Sunday, we will begin a new Adult Sunday School class called Counter Culture by David Platt.  This class will meet in the 20’s and 30’s classroom (the old library) and any adults are welcome to attend.  See the links below to purchase a study book.

David Platt believes that the truths of the gospel should compel us to a contrite, compassionate, and courageous personal response to social issues in the culture. Using biblical foundations, practical illustrations, and    personal exhortations, this study is a pointed yet winsome call for readers to faithfully follow Christ in countercultural ways. There will be a cost. There will be a reward. Do Christians in the contemporary church have the courage to counter the culture?

Counter Culture Bible Study includes a small-group Bible Study Book, DVD teaching from the author with six 30-minute sessions, and the book on which the study is based.

The Bible is clear on a number of issues:

  • Who God is—the holy, just, and gracious Creator of the universe
  • Who we are—men and women created in the image of God for our good and for God’s glory
  • Who Christ is and what He has done—His life, death, and resurrection
  • What it means to follow Christ—to die to ourselves and to live in Him
  • Why this matters for eternity—heaven and hell are at stake in our     response to the gospel

So how do these truths affect how we respond to the social issues of our day—realities such as poverty, slavery, abortion, sexual immorality, the degradation of marriage, the neglect of orphans and widows, racism, and persecution?


  • Understand timeless biblical truth as the lens through which you view current events and trends.
  • Equip group members to share what they believe in a compassionate yet uncompromising way.
  • Gain clarity and confidence on our culture’s most controversial issues.
  • Inspired to take action and live out our faith

Bible study (bound format)             http://m.lifeway.com/Product/counter-culture-bible-study-book-p005703478

Bible study (electronic format)        http://m.lifeway.com/Product/counter-culture-bible-study-book-P005758370

Book (bound format)           http://m.lifeway.com/Product/counter-culture-P005702411

Book (electronic format)      http://m.lifeway.com/Product/counter-culture-P005702740

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    Preaching Schedule

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    08/16/15 - Ken Kutz
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